Honors and Awards

App Store Best of 2012


★★★★★ App Store Best of 2012 ★★★★★
Included in the ‘Showpiece Games’ category


Apple Editor’s Choice


★★★★★ Featured as an iPad Editor’s Choice game on the App Store! ★★★★★


Slide To Play’s Top 50 iOS Games of 2012 – # 2


December 2012

Air Mail is a flight combat game that couldn’t feel more distinct from the machine-gunning Sky Gamblers series. Instead, Air Mail is bright, cheerful, and colorful, like a Miyazaki anime. You play as a mail carrier who gets swept up in a war. Instead of shooting down enemies, you have to perform nail-biting moves like stealing crates of ammo, or cutting the tethers on enemy zeppelins.


Best Visual Experience – Airmail (Nominee)

Unity Technologies


Best Gameplay – Airmail (Nominee)

Unity Technologies


Golden Cube – Airmail (Nominee)

Unity Technologies


Parents’ Choice Award – Mobile Application – Pajanimals : Light in the Sky

Parents’ Choice – Childrens Media and Toy Reviews


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